The Long and Short of It


Long Short Equity: If Not Now, When?


While meaningless in the short term, we think it is important to look at things through a wide-angle lens. For instance, as of May 2017, the total market capitalization of all U.S. stocks combined..

The Story Behind Goodwood Capital Management


At Goodwood Capital Management, we offer a unique approach to long short equity investing.  Most long short strategies are large cap focused. But at Goodwood, we are one of the few firms..

Make Small Caps Great Again!


In December 2015, we published “Is This the Time for Small Cap Value?” The answer to that question was and remains the same. Yes! 

Following the worst two-year period for small cap stocks relative..

Risk in Safety & Safety in Risk


To summarize our outlook and positioning, we see great opportunity in “risky” equities and great risk in “safe” equities – because price determines one’s margin of safety.