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The Story Behind Goodwood Capital Management


At Goodwood Capital Management, we offer a unique approach to long short equity investing.  Most long short strategies are large cap focused. But at Goodwood, we are one of the few firms specializing in long short small-mid cap investing and we believe there are great opportunities to add value to an investor's existing asset allocation via differentiated return streams and strong diversification benefits.

So, whats the story behind Goodwood? 

Ryan_Thibodeaux_GW-328311-edited.pngIn the early 2000’s, Ryan Thibodeaux was working for Maple Leaf Partners, which was seeded by Tiger Management founder, Julian Robertson

Maple Leaf, an equity hedge fund, served clients nationwide and overseas. During his tenure at the firm, Thibodeaux witnessed growth from $50 million to more than $2 billion in assets under management.

The experience provided the perspective he needed to form his own firm, Goodwood Capital Management, in 2012.

“I wanted to take my experiences and expertise and all I had learned in the hedge fund industry and bring that to individual clients,” says Thibodeaux.

The main objective of Goodwood is to manage long short small-mid cap equity portfolios designed to deliver attractive rates of return over a three to five-year time horizon within a sufficiently concentrated portfolio of our best ideas.

Our firm is founded on a few core beliefs:

  • Invest long and short: Portfolio managers with the right skills and experience have the ability to add value by investing both long and short while reducing equity market risks. Our research-focused investment process is meant to be harnessed to drive alpha and to hedge risks accordingly.
  • Focus on small and mid-cap stocks: It is the belief of Goodwood that “value-biased” small-mid cap companies offer the greatest long term risk-adjusted returns. Our investable universe of “SMID Cap” stocks includes over 2,500 securities with market capitalizations less than $20 billion.
  • Limit capacity: Asset bloat significantly degrades a portfolio manager’s ability to generate alpha—believe us, we’ve witnessed it firsthand. Goodwood believes that capacity constraint is key.

We are proud that Goodwood is majority owned by its employees. Additionally, our firm’s flagship long short small-mid cap strategy has a nine year GIPS-compliant track record.

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Jonathan Bale 
Managing Director

Jonathan joined Goodwood in December, 2013. Prior to joining Goodwood, Jonathan worked at FPL Asset Management (2013). Prior to FPL Asset Management, Jonathan played golf internationally for the Golf Union of Wales. As a representative of his native county’s National Team Jonathan competed in over 100 World Ranking events across Europe and the United States, regularly participating in clinics, outings, and Pro-Ams benefiting various charities and non-profit organizations.

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