The Long and Short of It


Long Short Equity Stats to Make You Think


At Goodwood Capital Management, we’re “numbers” guys. We love sifting through data and trying to understand what is relevant to our long short strategy. Recently, we came across some Morningstar®..

Small Cap Value vs. Large Cap Growth: Will the Tides Ever Turn?


Size and style are always significant factors in active portfolio manager performance, but 2017 so far is one for the record books. As of August 2017, Small Cap Value has underperformed Large Cap..

Meet the Goodwood Team | Josh Pesses Portfolio Manager


Authentic business relationships are incredibly important to our long short equity team, so we’ve created a “Meet the Team” blog series in which you can get to know who’s working behind the scenes..

Small Cap Value Investors: Does This Market Rhyme with the Tech Bubble?


After rallying during the second half of 2016, the domestic economy began to soften in the first half of this year. As we’ve noted previously, our long short equity portfolio generally performs..