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Meet the Goodwood Team | Josh Pesses Portfolio Manager


Authentic business relationships are incredibly important to our long short equity team, so we’ve created a “Meet the Team” blog series in which you can get to know who’s working behind the scenes at Goodwood Capital Management. Worst case scenario? You “meet” an interesting new person. Best case scenario? Your path collides with ours and we create a genuine business connection.

Previously, we featured Goodwood’s Founder/President, and Portfolio Manager, Ryan Thibodeaux.  Next up, is Josh Pesses, Partner and Portfolio Manager. GoodwoodCapitalMagmnt_091.jpg

Ryan has known Josh for over a decade, so we wanted to have a little fun with this blog and allow him to let you in on his view of the man he affectionately refers to as “Bird Dog.”

While Josh and I are both from Louisiana, we had very different career paths in the investment management business. He took the classic route, attending Rhodes College in Memphis. Then, he worked as a sell-side equity research analyst for Morgan Keegan in Memphis and Banc of America Securities in New York.  

In 2007 he joined Maple Leaf Partners—one of Julian Robertson’s “Tiger Seed” firms—in the New York office as Senior Equity Research Analyst, where we worked together for six years. A year after I started Goodwood, he joined me—and after working together for a decade, I couldn’t hope for a better partner to build the business alongside.

The beauty of it is that we couldn’t be more opposite. He’s Grateful Dead, I’m Florida Georgia Line. He’s bourbon, I’m beer. He’s low vol, I’m high vol. Both our personalities and skillsets are perfectly complimentary and they work well in a small firm. He’s also the only “almost 40” guy I know that still wears Wayfarer shades and actually enjoys music that involves banjos. Josh Pesses.png

Josh has more nicknames than anyone else I’ve ever known. We called him “Fox” back in the Maple Leaf days, and one look at our team photo will show you why—the guy could’ve been a stunt double for Marty McFly. Josh Pesses stunt double for Marty McFly-891242-edited.pngSonic the Hedgehog was a classic as well, mostly due to the state of his unruly hair at the end of a long day. However, if there’s one nickname that embodies JP, it’s “Bird Dog.” 

What the heck is a Bird Dog? Well, technically it is a type of hunting dog used to hunt and retrieve ducks, quail, etc. In the equity analyst urban dictionary, a Bird Dog is a person that has to sniff out the most arcane of details and tear through 10-Ks and proxies like a monkey into a cupcake. You must have a Bird Dog on any investment team! 

Fun Facts About JOSH PESSES 

Favorite thing to do in your spare time:
Most evenings, you’ll find me on the porch with my wife—my former high school girlfriend—and our three girls, ages 8, 6, and 2. No matter how swampy the weather, I love hanging outside, making up games, swinging on the Swurfer, and watching my daughters do cartwheels in the yard. It’s the best part of my day. Josh Pesses Kids Front Yard-856505-edited.jpg

Craziest thing you’ve ever done
I moved to Manhattan shortly after I was married and it was definitely the furthest I’ve been pushed out of my comfort zone. My wife was finishing graduate school, so I went ahead of her and spent four months sleeping on a couch. It took some time for this Southern native to acclimate, but I ultimately spent five years in the city and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Favorite band:
The Allman Brothers Band. My mom introduced me to them when I was a teenager and I devoured everything I could—albums, books, magazine articles, bootlegs. I think my appreciation for the band is their genius—many personalities from diverse background and musical influences that came together at the right moment to create something meaningful, disruptive, and long-lasting.

Best musical experience:
A Midnight Ramble with some of my best buds at
Levon Helm’s Barn in Woodstock, New York. It was an unbelievably intimate setting with some of the best live music I’ve ever heard. Shaking Levon’s hand and briefly chatting with him after the show was truly unforgettable.

Favorite sport:
Soccer. I began as a young boy, played in college for a couple of years, and then in adult leagues until recently. I decided to hang up my cleats in favor of coaching my oldest daughter now. These days, I really enjoy running.

Random hobbies:
2017.08 Goodwood Blog. Josh daughter. Margaret as a bee picture-952984-edited.jpgI’ve played the guitar since I was young and hacked away at the violin and banjo for a bit. Now I spend my wind-down time learning the mandolin. Thanks to my dad, I love to fish. My daughters and I have recently become novice beekeepers with the help of my brother-in-law (a.k.a. the Bee Professor). I think bees are fascinating and it’s a great hobby for a markets guy—order in chaos, a mix of art and science, and if you are lucky/good, a great compounding exercise. 

Biggest inspiration:
The people around me. It started with my parents: they worked hard and smart for years to give me opportunities they didn’t have. Today, it’s my family, friends, and the Goodwood folks. There’s an old adage about surrounding yourself with people who challenge you in the right ways every day—in my view, that’s the best way to grow.

We look forward to featuring more members of the Goodwood Capital Managment team in future posts. In the meantime, if you would like to learn more about Goodwood, view our investor presentation or download our Q2 2017 commentary


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Abby Brown is the Director of Marketing and Operations at Goodwood Capital Management.

Abby joined Goodwood in April 2017. 




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