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In the Financial World, Does Geography Matter?


Goodwood Capital Management recently hosted an introductory conference call to share insights on our unique approach to long short equity investing. We touched on our background with Maple Leaf Partners, the hallmarks of our investment process and the particular role we can play in a portfolio. During the call, an investor asked us a question with regards to our geography. 

Q: Goodwood’s geography is clearly outside financial centers. How do you think that impacts you?

A: Ryan Thibodeaux: We know that South Louisiana is not a financial center of the world, but I would say
we think about it as a benefit for our long short small-mid cap equity firm. We’re outside of the group-think mentality which tends to be prevalent sometimes, and we think that gives us a unique perspective.

Biggest Export Trading Partners Map_BusinessInsider

Most folks don’t realize that this area in the Gulf Coast, between Baton Rouge and Houston, is the biggest export outlet for the United States. The largest trading partner within the Gulf Coast is actually emerging markets, so broadly speaking, we are in the heart of the industrial, petrochemical, and energy sectors. We think our location gives us a unique look into those businesses, just as it would if we were in Silicon Valley and focused on technology, or in New York focused on financials. We think being in Baton Rouge is a net positive for us and our investors.

Access the entire Intro Call to learn more about Goodwood. Listen to the replay or download the transcript here

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Ryan Thibodeaux is President / Portfolio Manager of Goodwood Capital Management.

Ryan founded Goodwood Capital Management, LLC in March, 2012 and serves as a Portfolio Manager. Prior to starting Goodwood, Ryan was a Partner and Senior Equity Research Analyst with Maple Leaf Partners, LP. Maple Leaf Partners is a long short equity hedge fund started in New York by Dane Andreeff in 1996. In 2003, Julian Robertson’s Tiger Management seeded Maple Leaf and it became what is commonly referred to as a “Tiger Seed.” The firm eventually grew to over $2 billion in assets under management.

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