The Long and Short of It


Goodwood Long Short Equity Strategy Celebrates 10 year Milestone


Goodwood Capital Management, LLC is proud to announce the completion of its ten-year performance track record, as of December 31, 2017 for the Goodwood Long Short Equity Strategy.

Goodwood's flagship long short equity strategy was started in 2008 by Goodwood’s Founder & Portfolio Manager, Ryan Thibodeaux. The strategy focuses on long short small-mid cap equity and aims to deliver attractive rates of return over a three to five year time horizon within a sufficiently concentrated portfolio of best ideas. Ryan Thibodeaux commented that, “our overall goal is to manage a portfolio with long and short books that generate two independent, value-added streams of return. We harness our fundamentally driven, research focused investment process in both long and short books to drive alpha and hedge risk accordingly.”

The Goodwood Long Short Equity Strategy has generated 7.52% annualized net returns over the past decade, and in the process, outperformed the Morningstar® Long/Short Equity Category over the same time period.

2017.05-Goodwood-Founding.pngInitially offered via separately managed account, the Goodwood Long Short Equity Strategy was implemented into a mutual fund vehicle in September 2016 - Goodwood SMID Long/Short Fund. Josh Pesses, Partner and Co-Portfolio Manager at Goodwood commented that, “the implementation of the Goodwood Long Short Equity Strategy into a 40 Act vehicle has made the strategy more accessible to both institutional and retail investors. Investors now have access to a quality long/short equity product without the drawbacks of high minimums or lock-ups that typically come with a traditional LP structure.”

Goodwood's Managing Director, Jonathan Bale also added that, “this is a significant milestone in today’s competitive landscape. A 10-year track record provides investors with a comprehensive look at the strategy and management style over a full-market cycle with a time-tested view of certain characteristics such as attribution, long/short exposure, risk/reward profile, and longer-term performance results.”

The Goodwood management team have been investing in long short equity strategies since 2002 while at long short equity hedge fund Maple Leaf Partners, which was seeded by Tiger Management’s founder Julian Robertson. A spin-out of that “Tiger Seed” fund, Goodwood is majority owned by its employees. The firm’s flagship long short strategy claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®) and may be accessed through two product types: separately managed account and mutual fund (Goodwood SMID Long Short Fund).


If you would like to learn more about Goodwood and the Goodwood Long Short Equity Strategy, view our investor presentation or listen to our intro call. 





Abby Brown Email Signature picture.jpgAbby Brown is Director of Marketing and Operations at Goodwood Capital Management

Abby joined Goodwood Capital Management in 2017 as Director of Marketing and Operations. Prior to joining Goodwood, Abby coordinated Marketing and Operations for Wampold Companies. Prior to Wampold Companies, Abby was a member of the Sales and Marketing team at Maestri-Murrell Management. Abby earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Southeastern University.